Best Hoverboards With Handles For Adults and Kids

Hoverboards became the new cool way to ride as soon as it hit the markets. Not only the kids, but adults too couldn’t resist the fun. It is one thing to experience the risky rides without breaking the bones and another to actually enjoy the hoverboard rides while feeling secure. Thus, many renowned brands came up with hoverboards with handles to help the riders feel safe. And that is true for both adults and kids who list themselves in the beginner’s column.

List of best hoverboards with handles for adults and kids

But, how do you know if the handle supported hoverboard you picked is right for you or not. Thus, we have created a list of best hoverboards with handles for kids and adults. You can choose the best for you by assessing the features, pros, cons, and pricing that matches your interest and other criteria.

1. Locisne Scooter Handlebar

The Locisne Stretchable Aluminium alloy scooter handlebar is ideal for beginners. It offers several benefits and features over hoverboards.

Pricing – $31.99

Rating – 3.1/5


It is easy to install, use, and remove.

The handlebar is made of high quality aluminium, making it rust free and more durable.

It is stretchable allowing the rider to stretch and adjust the handle according to their height.

It is an ideal choice for beginners as it allows you the control and tackle and obstructions.


It is easy to navigate due to the small handle.

It is adjustable for height, thus ideal for both kids and adults, alike.

Durability and guaranteed safety

Sleek design and modern look


More features can be added for better navigation and control.

2. Segway Handlebar

Segway Handlebar is suitable for both adults and kids owing certain features such as adjustability, comfort, and installation convenience. But, buyers prefer this one for its design.

Pricing – $134.99

Rating – 4.1/5


Like other hoverboards with handles, it is adjustable to suitable height.

The color and design are as subtly impressive as they are stylish.

As it is made of aluminium, the scooter is durable.

It is designed in such a way that the lightweight structure offers a comfortable ride.


It is ideal for shafts measuring less than or equal to 22 cm.

It is a suitable option for all age groups.

The material is durable and lightweight.

Classy look


The removal of base is a little difficult and tricky if you are not used to mechanical tasks.

3. Dual Purpose Segway Handlebar

Dual Purpose Segway Handlebar is among the top hoverboards with handles. It is suitable for adults and kids. What differentiates it with others on the list is its super-impressive futuristic look.

Pricing – $53.45

Rating – 4.1/5


The material is aluminium which makes it durable and gives a sleek and stylish finish.

The handlebar is dual purpose which lets the rider to easily switch it from a knee controller to a handlebar.

It is also adjustable between 86 cm and 106 cm to suit the rider’s height.

It is easy to assemble and comes with a silicone phone mount.


Adjustable and durable

Sleek design with a modern look

It has a detachable silicone phone holder making the navigation easy for the rider.

Stable and comfortable ride.


Detaching the handlebar is a real deal as it requires strength.

4. Swagtron T3 

Swagtron T3 hoverboard has the best safety compliant features and the best part is it comes with a handlebar. Swagtron provides the top ranked hoverboards, but T3 has made it to this list owing to its design, handlebar, and other amazing features.

Pricing – N/A

Rating – 3.7/5


It has efficient LED lights for an exceptional night ride experience.

When fully charged it covers a distance up to 11 miles.

It is lightweight and portable as it weighs 22 lbs.

It has riding modes including a learning mode. You can switch among these based on experience and age.

It comes with a bluetooth speaker for streaming music.

It is made of proprietary polycarbonate which is fire resistant.


It is UL2272 Certified

It is made of proprietary Polycarbonate.

LED Lights are installed

It has Android and iOS connectivity for the bluetooth speaker and controlled navigation.

Three different riding levels makes it reliable for beginners as well as professionals.


It is heavier for kids.

It is ideal for smooth terrain.

It has a lower top speed.

5. XJD Toddler Scooter

If you are looking for a toddler’s hoverboard but with more than a handle, then this is it.

It comes with a seat and handle. It is suitable for kids aged between 2 and 8.

Take a look at its features for more details.

Pricing – $54.99

Rating – 4.4/5


The handlebar is adjustable irrespective of the kids age as it can be adjusted to different heights.

The colors are vibrant and suitable for kids below 8 years.

The hoverboard scooter comes with a removable seat which means it will be useful as a hoverboard with a handle when your toddler grows up.

The wheels have flashing LED lights that kids love the most about their toys and rides.

The scooter is easy to ride and control.

It is available in different solid colors such as blue, red, yellow, and more.


It is lightweight, making it apt for toddlers.

It serves as a great gift for a kid’s birthday or newborns.

It is visually appealing, offers smooth riding experience, and doesn’t make noise.

It has easy foot brake technology.

It offers safety and comfort.


It is not suitable for kids older than 8 years.

It lacks sideways protection.

Final verdict

If you are just getting started with your new passion for hoverboards, keeping the security measures in check doesn’t hurt. To ensure that you have the best experience, we have listed above the most durable and safe hoverboards with handles for kids and adults. I hope you are able to make better judgement now based on your budget and design requirements. In addition to this, Segway offers the best hoverboards with modern technology and stylish look.

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